Zalaegerszeg Megyei Jogú Város Portálja Választások


Welcome to the Quarter-House




The courtyard of the Quarter-House has hosted cultural events many occasions. The first of these events dated to the 1860s. The most significant are the Music Court (1980–1983) and the Court Festival (2000–2001). A theater called Quarter-House Open Air Theater has been waiting for the audience on summer evenings since 2007. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of its existence in 2022, the Quarter-House Open-Air Theater is a prominent venue for summer cultural programs. The courtyard of the renovated building complex has been enriched with new decorative lighting, which is even more favors the organization of summer evenings and outdoor programs. In addition to light summer performances, the theater is also the founder and host of the Zalaegerszeg Contemporary Art Festival. The festival has a seven-year history and it is very popular with audiences and professionals alike. The audience can learn about the fun, exciting and experimental theatrical works of independent theater creators.




Zoltán Balaicz