Zalaegerszeg Megyei Jogú Város Portálja Választások

Mayor’s greeting


 Balaicz Zoltán


As inhibitants of Zalaegerszeg, we are proud of our city, its unique geographical conditions, our gastronomic specialties, our folk art treasures, the masterpieces of folk architecture and our traditions.

The legacy of our inherited and created values, the beauty of our past, the devotion embraced with the locals’ parochialism and hospitality make Zalaegerszeg lovable and liveable.

The rich and colourful content of our website, several curiosity and a wealth of useful information help You inquiry and gathering knowledge.

The rich and colourful content of our website and a wide range of useful information help you inquire and gather knowledge about our city.

The tourist attractions of Zalaegerszeg; a broad scale of our programs; the information of electronic administration making the citizens’ everyday life easier; photographs recording important economic, cultural and sport events; the contact details of non-governmental organisations, enterprises and businesses can all be found easily and simply by the people browsing.

We are looking forward to inviting you to visit us in Zalaegerszeg to get acquainted with our home region which offers a special atmosphere and unforgettable experience. Let's celebrate together, be part of our high-quality events and programs!


Zoltán Balaicz